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My name is Lv and I am the CEO of LvH Creative Media.  I'm a Creative Director, Photographer, Video Director and copy editor based in New York City.


Take a moment to learn about me, view my work and learn how I can help guide your creative journey with images, video, and copy for all of your branding and marketing needs. 



Client: Lytoya Parker
D'nay Baptiste


Web Design & Development

Content Creation & Curation

Social Media Management 

Multimedia Production

Photography & Video Services

Commercial Copy Writing

Blog Consultation, Writing & Editing

Media Kits

Meet Lv

Latesia “Lv” Horton is a NYC based Creative Director and Photographer with over 10 years of experience.


Lv's work has helped her clients create an online identity that is genuine and effective. Her mission is to ensure that the visuals match the brand story and intended messaging. 

Lv has strong leadership and teaching skills and uses her “quarterback approach” to empower and identify talents in others. Lv’s inclusive approach and skills provide the perfect combination for her clients and projects by fulfilling a wide range of needs across various industries. Lv's strategies and willingness to go above and beyond help them meet their goals from raising necessary funds to increasing social media followers.



Summary of Expertise

  • Marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in social media management, content marketing, and branding.

  • Excellent communication skills for outreach and digital copy writing, ensuring strong brand presence.

  • Expertise in content creation including photos, video and graphics.

  • Web design skills including HTML and Java

  • SEO and SEM Marketing

  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills

  • Technical Skills: Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher)  Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and Spark

  • Operation of Cannon HD cameras, light kits and sound equipment


Creative Direction, Photography & Production

The Queen of Harlem

view site:

  • Provide photography and production services for the Queen of Harlem Commandments book launch. 

  • Images used for web site, marketing, and promotional graphics

Web Design, Graphics, Photography & Production

  • Redesign web site for historical women's organization

  • Create engagement strategies and "voice" of site to appeal to different audiences serviced by organization. . 

  • Create content that highlights programs and special events to increase visibility and help fundraising and recruitment efforts.

  • Provide photography services for youth programs and special events 

  • Serve as mentor to PEARL girl program in media and production projects

  • Create communication to highlight staff and program accomplishements


Something Untouchable Dance Co.

view site:

Web Design, Photography, Graphics

  • Redesign web site for Harlem based dance studio

  • Photography services for CEO and dancers (5 levels)

  • Developed sponsorship decks for fundraising efforts

  • Created graphics for target marketing and special events 

  • Conduct workshop on sales and marketing for parents and staff


Marketing Manager

Mimi's Braids

visit site:

  • Spearheaded brand strategy for celebrity stylist and salon.

  • Created content for social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) that resulted in 30% growth in followers that showcase the brand to industry insiders, press and target consumer.

  • Created and executed marketing strategies for online contests, live engagements and press events

  • Captured images and video footage for branding and promotion efforts


Creative Director

Gorjaa RCC Marketing

view sites:

  • Oversee media relations at live engagements that focus on uplifting the Harlem community through events and philanthropic initiatives.

  • Work closely with CEO to provide visuals (photo & video) packages to secure funding, talent and venues for events.

  • Provide website assistance. PR and red carpet management, photography and video services, post event content production.

_hiphopfilmfestnyc takes place on 125th

Social Media Manager

  • Successfully spearheaded social media marketing campaigns and content for the 3rd annual Film Festival.

  • Developed engagement strategies to reach target audience through social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Created and managed content (photos, videos and copy) during festival to spotlight film, attendees, fashion

  • Provide analytics to marketing team

  • Implement marketing and promotion tactics that led to 25% growth in total social media shares and 40% increase in website traffic from social media posts

Hip Hop Film Festival

view site:

Marketing Manager

MBS Publishing / Markman Designs

view site:

  • Create video package for media and marketing efforts

  • Web design and graphic creation

  • Photography and video services for live events



Why Lv?

"I love working with Lv! Because she knows my business goals its easy to trust that she will provide just what I need when I request it. I've learned so much about the importance building a strong and consistent brand and  Lv has been a big help in that. I highly recommend her."
Mimi's Braids, Celebrity Braider

and owner of The Braid Shop

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 7.09.30 PM.png

"I never imagined the exquisite images produced by LVH Creative Media. I felt so comfortable and I was treated like a star. LV has a well trained eye and uniquely superb ideas for poses and angles. She gives clear instructions and the colors pop. I still get great compliments. This is my preferred photography company for business and personal images."
Valtesia Parker, CEO

Equanimity NYC


"Whenever I come to Lv with a project, I am always impressed by her 360 marketing perspective. Her creativity knows no bounds! She effortlessly uses her talent not only to elevate the project but also elevate everyone who is involved."
Lytoya Parker, CEO
Unlock Your Dreams Awards


"Having taken her 4 week course, i am really in control of my business now and I'm really in control of my web site and I understand my platform. I can now take my business to the next level."
Sulaiha Turner, CEO

Essential Nutrientz

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